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Novamente LLC was the company that provided the initial code-base for OpenCog in 2008. The code was for the Novamente Cognition Engine (NCE), which was designed to be a general intelligence framework, but that was often adapted for commercial applications. OpenCog grew from a trimmed down version of the NCE.


Novamente LLC

Software product and development firm aimed at bridging the gap between narrow and general purpose Artificial Intelligence. Its ongoing research focus is to bring the Novamente Cognition Engine closer each month to powerful Artificial General Intelligence.
Incorporated: 2001. Founders: Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin, et al. Key Individuals added since 2001:
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WebMind INC

1998-2001 Waking Up from the Economy of Dreams. 2001. Ben Goertzel. Includes links to information on the Webmind AI Engine, a Java-based precursor to the Novamente Cognition Engine.


Theory, Mathematics, Design

Ben Goertzel, PhD

Core contribution: Novamente Cognition Engine overall design and cognitive theory
Position: CEO & CSO, Novamente LLC
AGIRI Workshop May 2006: Novamente: A Practical Architecture for Artificial General Intelligence
[ personal website | ben -at- goertzel.org ]

Matthew Ikle, PhD

Core contribution: PLN (Probabilistic Logic Networks)
AGIRI Workshop May 2006: Imprecise Probabilities and Their Role in General Intelligence
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Moshe Looks, PhD

Core contribution: MOSES (Meta-Optimizing Semantic Evolutionary Search)
AGIRI Workshop May 2006: Contemporary Approaches to Symbol Grounding
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Software Engineering

Full list at AGIRI Team Members

Cassio Pennachin

Position: CTO, Novamente LLC

Andre Luiz de Senna

Ari A. Heljakka

Position: AI Engineer, Novamente LLC

Welter Luigi Silva

Outreach & Investor Relations

Bruce Klein

Position: President & CFO, Novamente LLC

Business Development

Michael Zwell

Position: VP of Marketing & Business Development, Novamente LLC


Novamente Cognition Engine

A more comprehensive list may be found on the Novamente Cognition Engine page.





Related Books

The Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind. Ben Goertzel.

A systematic conceptual overview of the philosophy of mind underlying the psynet model, the SMEPH approach to formal mind-modeling and the Novamente system -- a philosophy which takes "pattern" as a central concept and uses this to explain a variety of phenomena regarding mind and universe, including issues such as the nature of awareness and free will, the relation between classical and quantum reality, and the role of inference and evolution in cognitive process. Published 2006.

Artificial General Intelligence (Cognitive Technologies). Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin, ed. 2007.

This edited volume -- the first ever to focus exclusively on Artificial General Intelligence -- is edited by AGIRI founders Dr. Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin and contains chapters authored by the leaders of various AGI research programs from universities, corporations and research institutes around the world. A partial author list includes: Ben Goertzel (AGIRI), Cassio Pennachin (AGIRI), Marcus Hutter (IDSIA), Juergen Schmidhuber (ISDIA), Pei Wang (Temple University), Peter Voss (A2I2), Vladimir Redko (Keldysh Institute), Eliezer Yudkowsky (SIAI), and Lukasz Kaiser (Aachen University of Technology).

Engineering General Intelligence. Ben Goertzel. Due for publication in 2007.

A treatment of the SMEPH approach to analyzing and engineering intelligence; with a substantial focus on the mathematics and concepts and principles underlying the Novamente AI Engine, which is treated as a particular instantation of the SMEPH idea.

Probabilistic Term Logic. Ben Goertzel, Matthew Ikle, Izabela Goertzel. Due for publication in 2007.

A mathematical treatment of the "probabilistic term logic" formalism, a novel approach to uncertain inference which plays a central role in the Novamente AI system. And don't be thrown off by the name, PTL has as much to do with Hebbian learning as it does with traditional logic systems.

More at Ben Goertzel's Books page.

Related Papers

A Comparison of the Novamente AI Design with the Human Mind-Brain. Ben Goertzel, Novamente LLC, 2005, 71 pgs

Novamente: An Integrative Architecture for General Intelligence. Moshe Looks, Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin, 2004, 8 pgs

NL Comprehension via Integrative AI and Human-Computer Interaction. Ben Goertzel, Michael Ross, Cassio Pennachin, Moshe Looks, Hugo Pinto, 2003, 6 pgs

More at Ben Goertzel's Research page.

Related Commercial Entities

Biomind LLC

Biomind LLC develops enterprise-grade software for microarray data analysis used today in government, academic and commercial research. Founded by Ben Goertzel, Cassio Pennachin, et al.
[ corporate website ]

GenMind LTD

A tech start-up company funded by the National Tech Agency of Finland. GenMind participates in Novamente Cognition Engine development, with plans to utilize it for applications in humanoid robotics. Founder and CEO: Ari A. Heljakka.

Related Open Source Projects


A framework for the creation of virtual worlds for artificial intelligence research, allowing AI and human controlled agents to interact in realtime within sensory-rich contexts. AGISim is built on the Crystal Space 3D game engine and is included in the OpenAGI collection.
Authors: Ari Heljakka, Joel Pitt, Welter Luigi Silva, Scott Yokim
[ sourceforge website ]


Meta-optimizing semantic evolutionary search (MOSES) is a new approach to program evolution, based on representation-building and probabilistic modeling. MOSES has been successfully applied to solve hard problems in domains such as computational biology, sentiment evaluation, and agent control. Results tend to be more accurate, and require less objective function evaluations, in comparison to other program evolution systems. Best of all, the result of running MOSES is not a large nested structure or numerical vector, but a compact and comprehensible program written in a simple Lisp-like mini-language. MOSES is included in the OpenAGI collection.
Authors: Moshe Looks
Source: http://code.google.com/p/moses/


A Semantic Relationship Extractor. RelEx optionally uses the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (Apache UIMA, first developed at IBM)
Authors: Hugo Pinto, Murilo Saraiva de Queiroz
Release TBA


A Mizar Language to Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) Converter
[ google code website ]


Authors: Borislav Iordanov
Source: http://www.kobrix.com/hgdb.jsp

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